FIC Agora?


The FIC Agora is the strategic reflection platform of the International Cybersecurity Forum. Its objective is to contribute to the public debate on the major issues of trust and digital security throughout the year.

This high-level platform was prompted by the need for elected officials, public decision-makers, private and public sector managers and academics to exchange and debate on cyber threats, public policies (resilience, the fight against cybercrime, digital diplomacy, industrial policy, training, etc.) and the major societal challenges brought about by technological disruption.

Because responses to cybersecurity issues require close coordination between the territorial, national and European levels, the Agora conducts its work both in Paris and in Brussels. In order to adapt to the sensitivity of the subjects dealt with, it also offers different frameworks for exchange and dissemination, both restricted and open.



The Agora Meetings

  • Objective: to fuel the public debate and raise awareness among decision-makers about issues of digital security and trust by bringing together all public and private stakeholders
  • Format: half-day thematic event in a prestigious location including 2 roundtables followed by a private lunch with the main speakers
  • Target: 150 to 200 participants
  • Frequency: 3 per year

The Agora Talks

  • Objective: to discuss a topic with 2 or 3 speakers, with a focus on exchanges of perspectives and lessons learnt
  • Format: webinars / TV shows, including an editorialised video replay after the Talk. Breakfasts and cocktails for those meeting in person.
  • Target: physical audience of about 10 people (invited by the partner) + live audience of over 100 people + replay
  • Frequency: 3 webinars per year

The Agora Clubs

  • Objective: to discuss a sensitive issue in small groups with a few decision-makers and experts, to put forward proposals, to propose a roadmap
  • Format: breakfasts / lunches in the "Hearing" format (2/3 experts and decision-makers heard successively with exchanges) according to the Chatham House rule
  • Target: 10 to 15 decision makers (private, public, political)
  • Frequency: 3 per year

The Great Agora

  • The Great Agora Objective: to inform the public debate on a legislative or regulatory project and to raise awareness of the entire ecosystem
  • Format: one and a half hour roundtable, bringing together more than a dozen successive speakers (parliamentarians, local elected officials / local authorities, private decision-makers). Key event of the FIC with high media visibility
  • Target: 400-500 participants, public and private decision-makers from the ecosystem
  • Frequency: every year during the FIC


White Paper "United we stand, divided we fall: Citizens and 21st century cybersecurity"

  • Public dissemination
  • Methodology: prepared by thematic working groups and written by the FIC team
  • English version [DOWNLOAD]

White Paper

  • Public dissemination
  • Methodology: prepared by thematic working groups and written by the FIC team
  • Example: the White Paper "Making cybersecurity the keystone of European digital sovereignty" published in September 2021. [DOWNLOAD]

Analysis notes

  • Distribution restricted to members
  • Methodology: reports from the Agora Clubs, interviews with experts
  • Example: analysis note on the security of 5G.

Stakeholders involved


The Agora brings together individual members belonging to different types of actors:

  • National governments
  • European institutions
  • Think tanks and universities
  • Industry (solution providers, end users)
  • Professional organisations
  • Citizens and civil society

Membership allows you to participate in all the work and to benefit from the publications. For information on membership, please contact makeda.pecastaing@forum-incyber.com




Public and private organisations can become partners of the FIC Agora.

Within the framework of this partnership, these organisations have the possibility to intervene during the public or restricted events, to lead or participate in a working group.

For any information on partnerships, please contact jean-thomas.sester(@)forum-fic.com

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The Agora is advised in its strategy and activities by a committee of European experts bringing a variety of skills and perspectives. This committee contributes to the development of the annual work programme, events and publications.



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Institutional: Makéda Pécastaing makeda.pecastaing@forum-incyber.com  

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